Finances for a better world

Verqor connects financial institutions, companies and their raw material producers in our platform,


Financial Institutions allocate profitable and low risk impact investment among the raw material producers communities. Learn more.

Through our platform, producers get access to resources, which before they could not get. While being empowered they will produce in a more efficient and sustainable way. Lean more.



The companies that directly purchase from these producers will now have better quality on their supplies. Companies also get data,  generated in our platform. This allows the company to have more control on the supply chain. Learn more.

The most sustainable fintech platform for the companies that are supplied by farmers.

For Financial Institutions

Make impact investment with Verqor.

Verqor offers you:

  • Assistance for getting additional credit lines for agro with preferential base interest rate.

  • Payment guarantee, with a payment retention from the purchasing company to the producer.

  • Every investment has up to 90% risk coverage from FIRA (Mexican Central Bank office for Agriculture)

  • We contact the clients. Do not worry about marketing, sales or collection costs.

  • Due diligence, based on operational and financial capacity of every producer.

Let's help and earn!


Get the opportunities that you need with Verqor.

Verqor offers you:

  • Accesible credits and leasings, specialized on Agro.

  • Credit lines for the cycle. If the company you sell is allied to us, get the resources immediately and without complicated procedures through our platform.

  • Our platform is on line, do not worry for moving to another place or losing time, you only need a click on your phone.

  • Insurances for crops and machinery.

  • Competitive market interest rates and personalized plans.

  • The best machinery and technology for increasing efficiency and productivity.

  • Free financial assistance. 

Let's boost the fields!

For producers


For companies

Improve your supply chain with Verqor.

Verqor offers you:

  • Personalized fintech platform for your raw material suppliers.

  • Immediate and preferential credits for your producers..

  • Specific financial plans for the machinery that you want to be implemented.

  • Financial and technological courses for your suppliers.

  • The social impact of the implementation will be measured by Cuantix©. You can share with the world your improvement in sustainability.

  • And the best of all, continuous reports of all data generated on the platform, all purchases and its specifications of your suppliers. This way you will have a better quality control on your supply chain.

Let's empower your suppliers!


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